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‘’The human voice is really the foundation of all music; and whatever the development of the musical art, however bold the composer's combinations, however brilliant the virtuoso's execution, in the end they must always return to the standard set by vocal music.’’        ---Richard Wagner
There is only one way to sing correctly, and that is to sing naturally, easily, comfortably to be able to sing with perfect facility from one end of the voice to the other, emitting all the notes clearly and yet with power and having each note of the scale sound the same in quality and tonal beauty as the ones before. My goal as a vocal instructor is to help each person realize their individual vocal potential so that they may pursue the type of singing they desire. Learning to sing can seem a bit scary, lessons are private one-to-one in a warm safe, friendly comfortable space which means that each lesson is about you, setting a pace that works around your learning style and the practice time you have available regardless of singing level, age, style or genre.

  • Vocal exercises … Vowels and consonaunts
  • Breath control
  • Range and registers
  • Vibrato and vocal vocal Ornaments
  • Application to song
  • Accessing your own creativity
  • Vocal health
  • Improvisation skills
  • Microphone control
  • Performance


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